Meet the Author


If you are tasty for a new level of relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ our Marvellous Redeemer, if you want to experience a lift in your striving, if you want to overcome the many challenges to it and Remain in His Love always, then read this book meditatively, contemplate the messages from the Lord, open up yourself, yield to Him and allow yourself to be transformed.


Denis-Marie is favoured with many Divine Encounters and in this book he shares the inspirations he received during a recent ‘40 days with Jesus’ in fasting and prayer while preparing for a Family Revival Prayer Meeting.


He has the calling for Adoration of the Marvellous Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus; Evangelism and Teaching of the Good News. He is a Lay Brother at the St. Dominic’s Catholic Church Yaba, Lagos, a member of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, a Friend of the Sisters of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, and a Lay Associate of the Adoration Nuns Monastery, Ilorin.


In the professions, Denis-Marie is an Architect and a Construction Manager. He is happily married to Christiana and they are blessed with children.