Excerpt -page 15: Be Prayerful

Day 7: Be Prayerful.
Monday, 7th April 2008.

“What child will not rely on his father for information and direction; for
knowledge and instruction? What child will not put before his father, the
fears, worries and challenges he faces? What child will not thank his father always
for all his love, care and concern? Has any father been known to give his child snake
when the child asks him for fish? No.

Why then do you not come to me? Do you not know that even as a child goes to the
father for care, so you must come to me for spiritual, emotional and material care? Did
you not hear it when I said that you should pray always and never get discouraged? I
had also said to you ‘ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it
shall be opened unto you’. Is it that you do not understand, that has made you not to
put my words into practice? Do not take my words for granted for my words are true,
they are the way and the gate to eternal life.

How will you succeed on the mission I have sent you to the world if you do not
communicate regularly with me: the source and giver of wisdom, knowledge,
understanding, grace, strength, power, might and what have you? With what better
resources or weapons would you face the many challenges the master of tricks and
deceits had crafted and stealthily laid on your paths? Do you not realize that your life
is influenced from the spiritual realm?

Even when you pray, why do you not listen to what I have to say to you? Why do
you make your prayer a one-way traffic? You talk, talk and talk, and then you get
up and go. Do you not realize that I have things to say to you too, that I could give
you answers right there on the spot? I have a lot to tell or show you: inspirations,
directions, advice, consolations and so on. My beloved when you have prayed, remain
calm and listen. Listen with a keen attention always and never get discouraged, ignore
the many distractions that will flash across your mind. Close your eyes and your ears
and wait with your mind’s eyes, ears and senses wide open. I could speak to you, show
you pictures or make impressions on your mind. Do not be worried, I always choose
the best medium suitable to you at the very time and you will not be mistaken when I

Be prayerful my dear one, make prayer part and parcel of your daily living and as I
had said earlier pray ALWAYS, Always means at all times, at every moment; and
then never be discouraged, fight discouragement with your whole being, I have given

you the power to overcome, for it is one of the many ways the enemy uses to keep you
separated from me.

Do this and your life will be transformed on all its fronts—spiritual, emotional and
material. Remain in My Love.”

May all worship, praise, thanksgiving, glory,
and adoration; be forever yours Almighty God,
in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.